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Just as you would expect, this website, ('Bright Park'), uses cookies.

We (Iscaware Ltd) have a legal obligation to inform you of this fact, but trust us: those intrusive cookie notices annoy us just as much as anyone else.

Consider yourself warned that there's nothing particularly exciting to read here, but if you must, then read on...

What exactly is a cookie?

To the average person, a delicious baked treat; to a website, a tiny piece of data that the server creates as you browse. This non-edible cookie is saved to the device being used to access said website. In turn, the website can read the data contained in the cookie whenever it needs to.

What on earth does it do?

Basically, cookies help to keep track of your activity across a website. Lots of cookies are essential for a website to work properly, such as ones that keep you logged in. Others make your time spent on the website more pleasant by remembering your preferences or things that you recently searched for.

What cookies does Bright Park use?

When you successfully login to Bright Park, we set three essential cookies. They are called:

  1. isca_auth
  2. isca_user
  3. isca_browser_id

When you're logged in and using Bright Park, these cookies are used to help check that you are allowed to do certain things (in other words, you're 'authorised'). Being authorised means you are logged in and have the necessary permissions to do whatever it is you're trying to do.

There are also some other cookies that we may set that remember your preferences or the last piece of information you entered. For example, if you typed a date into a search form, when you next come back to it, that same date might be automatically entered for you. Isn't that handy? We won't bother listing all of them, as they vary based on which apps your organisation has access to. Rest assured there is absolutely no identifying information in these cookies.

And that's it - these are the only cookies we set!

If you're a customer of an organisation that uses Bright Park and you're logging in to the Guest Area or Owner Area, we set one or more of the following functional cookies when you recall your holiday booking or owner account:

  1. ga_book_no
  2. ga_token
  3. oa_cust_no
  4. oa_token

How long do these cookies last?

All the cookies we set get deleted when you press Logout or close your web browser. They'd also get deleted if you were no longer succesfully authorised, as you would be automatically logged out anyway.

What about tracking or advertising?

Luckily for this Cookie Notice, Bright Park is not associated with any tracking or advertising networks (otherwise it would be waaay longer). We absolutely don't use cookies for advertising or tracking purposes on Bright Park.

How can I manage cookies?

You've reached the last (and perhaps most ridiculous) bit, so here goes...

We are required to inform you that it is possible to opt out of cookies being set by our website. But, if you do that, then it will be impossible for you to login to your client account. You see how this makes no sense?

If, for some very strange reason, you want to fiddle around with the cookie settings for Bright Park, then you can. How exactly you would do this varies greatly by device and browser. You can visit the website Cookies and You* to find out more.

* This should be really obvious, but we are not responsible for the content of external websites.

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